Face-rollers: brace for impact. Minotaurs bring the pew.

One of the biggest allures of the Beastman army was the minotaurs. A solid monster in any fantasy genre with classical roots, the Minotaur is the embodiment of man’s bestial nature and savagery.

In layman’s terms: a big bull that just kicks ass and takes names….and is all out of chewing gum.


Pew touch marches on


Though arguably one of the most fun monsters in the beastman army, the minotaurs’ uses are limited due to their lackluster survivabilty. Let’s face it, these monsters want to stampede over the front lines and stomp and smash the enemy into the ground, their own personal saftey is not really a high priority. (see: bloodgreed).

Minotaurs in Warhammer are subject to “bloodgreed” where if they are on the winning side of combat, they gain more attacks and become frenzied. This can stack up to ten times! So imagine stampeding bulls with cleavers larger than most men turned into maelstroms of moo-ing rage. Well worth a few losses if you can get them into combat past the cowardly archers/gun-lines.

Here’s a few quick pictures of the unit I now call “The Face-rollers”*’

The Doombull:

I very much enjoyed painting this monster, but piecing this metal figure together was a challenge. Fortunately, the manager of the GW near me introduced me to ‘pinning‘ metal pieces. You drill small holes into the connecting sockets and then glue them both together. Think of it as bolting AND welding.




The armor came out 100% what I imagined it would look like. I used Chaos-black mixed with ‘chainmail’ at a 1:3 ratio. Then it was liberal and numerous coats of ‘badab black‘ washes. I highlighted the armor with pure ‘chainmail‘. I dig the results. The bronze/ brass effect was ‘tin-bitz‘ with some ‘shining gold‘ (2:1 ratio) with the same application of ‘devlan mud‘…with shining gold highlights.  I still need to go back and give this beast eye color and his own warpaint….just trying to figure it out.


Doombull side

Doombull side view


Here are some pictures of the ‘Face-rollers’….but in too harsh of sunlight. More pictures to follow.

I was very happy with the ‘warpaint’ on the rank and file minotaurs. I wanted it to have a look similar to the Plains Indians’ (Lakota, Nakota, Dakota) horses’ war paint.

Note the blood-kine is the black minotaur.

*”Face-roller” comes from a derogatory term for ‘easy mode’ in computer gaming. If something was so over-powered, one could supposedly roll their face on the keyboard and still win. Hence; face roller. After a victory over the skaven (full battle report earlier), a friend called the Minotaurs “face rollers”, mocking them for their ease and ‘O-P ness’ (over powered).


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