Minotaur, Bloodkine. Theseus! I stab at thee!

Ahoy ahoy.

When I started collecting Beastmen, I was very much intrigued by the new ability of the minotaur leaders, the Doombull and Gorebull; “Slaughterer’s call”.  This ability instilled any unit that the Doombull/ Gorebull were in, with ‘frenzy’.

My original thought was to put the Doombull/ Gorebull (herein called DB/GB) with ungor spearmen, providing a TON of nasty attacks. After seeing “Primal fury” in action, I held back my frenzied ideas and back-burnered it.

Now, I’m a sucker for mean, bad ass monsters; and minotaurs are the epitome of that. I wanted to see them on the battlefield, smashing warriors aside, pulverizing knights in their armor, charging through cannon fire and artillery into the enemy.

Here is my first pass at the standard Minotaur unit. I have taken a lot of time on this one unit as a preparation for the other 2 in the box and even the DOOMBULL model (later post on him….)

For the skin tone, I wanted a dark appearance, like a black stallion/ bull. I could have been lazy and just left the black primer on, but I wanted a better look.  The approach I took to the skin/fur was

  • dry  brush dark grey (codex?)
  • wash with Badab Black
  • repeat step
  • x4

This gave the fur, on close inspection, a very layered and fur like appearance while still looking dark. And looked like I acutally spent time on it.




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