Battalion Box project: COMPLETED! (wahoozy!)

I’ve been MIA for a small while, due to the craziness that was last week.Two major projects in one week. One blog related, the other work/nerd related.

Last week I started the project “Beastmen Battalion Box Berzerko-week” with the goal of starting and completing a battallion box in one week. When I say start and complete I mean:




do a decent freaking job on the painting. None of this ‘prime, coat, wash done’  Nonsense!

Well, lo and behold, I finished and with a few hours to spare (6pm Sunday)

What follows is a few of the pictures & steps  of the battalion week.

Starting the battalion box, I wanted to assemble and prime all the models at once. Some say this is intimidating, to have all those models staring at you and knowing you have to paint them all. I however, found it was nice. I didn’t have to backtrack one bit. I assembled all and primed them By Tuesday afternoon

order of the job: I wanted to finish with a bang and have a great unit. What better than the Bestigors! So in order of work; Ungor raiders (with bows) first, Gor herd second (20 units!) and then the bestigors.

My painting process was such.


First Pas: Often this was Legs base coat, then the Skin base-coat. Skin base-coat was the same as horns.

Second pass: Washes. Either Badab Black or Devlan Mud. With the Gor herd it was ALL Badab Black.

Third pass:  any other base-coats: weapons, chainmail, belts, etc.

Fourth Pass: Secondary wash

Fith pass: Dry brushings (horns, hair, etc)

Sixth Pass: Details.

*I’ll post better pictures soon*

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2 responses to “Battalion Box project: COMPLETED! (wahoozy!)

  1. Mike

    Unfortunately the pictures don’t do these models justice. I have seen them in person, and they are nice! The addition of yellow in the colour palette is a nice touch. It not only contrasts well with the neutral and earth tone colours, it unifies the unit as a whole. Can’t wait for everyone to see the updated pic’s!

    Note: All three animated pic’s are the same… any particular reason for that? Also some of your pics are sideways…

    • thanks a ton!
      I’m going to pull out the WHOLE army soon and take a picture of it in it’s entirety.
      I deleted the repeating slides.
      still can’t fix the sideways pictures, not going to stress about it now.

      thanks again!
      Drats! I need to update the centigors!

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