Puppies of Doom. (aka: Chaos Warhounds)

When I started building an army, I was near obsessed with the unit: Chaos Warhound.

Extremely fast, shockingly cheap, vile appearance, claws & horns; all attributes that I love (and also in an army….Heyo!!!) These units are not meant to do any solid fighting (as I was harshly reminded yesterday in a match.), rather they are meant to occupy an opponent’s artillery/ gun sights and screen the main army, thus providing them with some relief from ranged attacks.

Saving my Warherd from their Achilles heel (well, one of them) is a tremendous asset. Especially the speed at which these dogs run, closing in on the enemy lines will be even quicker and provide more relief.

Essentially, their lot in life/game is to die. In droves, in hordes. By cannon shell, by arrows, from anything and everything thrown or shot.

I needed a quick way to paint these puppies and to make them look decent. I’m not that invested in them as other units, so they have somewhat less care in their painting, but still a respectable amount. After all, why paint them if they’re just going to look shoddy.

My steps are as followed.

  • Base Coats. Different colors to help add to chaotic feel.
  • Wash. (color A)
  • Dry brush. Vigorously applied
  • Wash. (color B)
  • Details (horns, tongues, eyes)
  • run into incoming artillery barrage.

Photos to document:

Base Coat painted hounds

Hounds base coat

The finished hounds are fairly respectable, done quickly and live up to their fearsome name. The following gallery has their finished images.


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