Beastmen Battalion Box Berzerk-o Week.

A while ago, I mentioned something along the lines of modeling Frenzy. I even thought about starting and finishing an entire battalion box in one week. That’s over 40 models, banners, bases and units! Previously, I’ve been taking my time and getting through a few models at at time or in a group. I’ve even started some ambitious projects: Doombull, Beastlord, “Gorthor”-conversion and my favorite “Slugtongue” conversion.

Now, after mentioning the thought of the large project of completing a full battalion in one week, a friend challenged me and offered some encouragement. If I could complete this task, he would reward me with the ugliest of all fugliest models. The RAZORGOR.

The Razorgor is a fearsome new unit. This unit is hideous beyond compare. It’s a giant pig with spikes, ooze, decaying flesh, bulging eyes and other lovely features that you’re just as likely to see on a date.

The upside of the Razorgor is that it’s a cheap, destructive monster that you can even harness to a chariot and have it hurtle recklessly at enemy lines and clobber even the most stalwart lines aside like 9-pins.

So, with a carrot now on the stick, I’ve set aside my current Warhammer projects to tackle…..


(bum bum bum!)

The Beastmen Battalion Box contains the following     

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  • 10 ungors (raiders or core troops)
  • 20 gors.
  • 10 Bestigors (and lots of amazing bits!)
  • 3 banners
  • 3 musicians

Now, being a fair sport, I held true to my word. I said one week. From Monday to Following Monday (well, 11:59 Sunday) is my time-frame. I cut open the box at 12 midnight this morning (Monday 8/2) and set to work.

I’ll post the steps as I make progress, but otherwise, to the crafting table. (wow, that had to be the single most dorky thing I’ve ever said….OK, it’s in the running)

My game plan:

Bestigors: Assemble, prime, paint.

Gors: Assemble, Prime, Paint

Ungors: Assemble, Prime, Paint, watch them fall in battle.

Banners: paint 2 according to some color scheme. Paint the third as a “double rainbow” and have the dreaded double rainbow unit! (what does it mean!!!??)

Wish me luck.


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