Gouge-Horns. Wargors in training.

One of the things I love about the new models is the detail in them, and especially; the ‘gouge-horns’.  Gouge-horns (GH’s) are champions within the unit/herd of Gors that are just a bit tougher than their rabid brethren.

GamesWorkshop was kind enough to make a few extra bits in the box of “Gor Herd” that were clearly meant for an up and coming Wargor. Shoulder pad, chain-mail, larger horns, armored helm are all nice touches. The keen thing of this is the fact that you can just beef them up a bit or paint them with further details and call them your ‘wargor’ or ‘Beastlord’ (generals essentially)
Without further fanfare, here are pictures of my first passes at the “gouge horns”!

This is pretty much the ‘standard’ Gouge-horn. I do enjoy the bright reds, (scab red, blood red, red gore, mechrite red) but in my armies I want to create a mythos. Each unit, or sub-unit should have unique colorings, banners, skin tones, weapons etc etc. In that vein, here is the green gouge horn that could be something more ‘Nurgle’ based.

*note the odd texture. The primer was ‘Armory Primer’ and horrible.

Here is a mixture of the “Bestigor” head and the rest of the “gouge horn” model.  With a few basic bit swapping,  I feel that this model helps add variety into the Hordes of Gors. (Yes, it rhymed.)

There are some additional images of each ‘gouge horn’ with a small group of gors, or the unfinished gor herd that I’m working on. (assembly line post to come)

gouge horn w/ bestigor head & horns.


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