Lets go: Gors!

No, it’s not an obscure travel guide reference, it’s the beginning of my first serious go at the “Gor herd” from Games workshop.

To start, these models have gone through tremendous improvements.  Many of the older models were 2 part molds and were very limited in their potential. Poses were static and modeling was, for lack of a more polite word, ‘in flux’.


The picture shows the older model of Games workshops beastmen.

Even more recent beastmen, like these “bestigors” are nothing amazing. all have a very static pose and look very cookie cutter. Even with a good paint job, these models are so close to their potential that it’s painful.

(thanks to Beastlord Karankawa’s painting diary for the pictures)

Though well painted, these models are still stiff. They lack the chaotic nature they should have.

Below are the modern Games Workshop “bestigors” for comparison. As you can see, the models have more detail, and the new plastics let the hobbyist arrange his figures as he wants, allowing for more of a helter-skelter feel to the unit.

Images are © Games Workshop Ltd. All rights reserved. Used without permission.

Sorry for the brief history of the models, but it’s good background on where the modeling came from and a good view of the improvements. With this and the plastic sprues, I really have to tip my hat to Games Workshop on the job well done.  (if only they could lower the prices a bit…)

The Gor unit is the core of the Beastman army. Tough, strong, prone to hatred and frenzy on the battlefield , all for cheap price. You can easily and economically gather units of Gors to provide a good backbone in your army.  Plus, for every one Gor on the field, you can also have one waiting in ambush. Not a bad deal at all.

Downside is, these guys have no armor. A great fit for that ‘reckless’ feel that I was

Images are © Games Workshop Ltd. All rights reserved. Used without permission.

striving for.  Plus they don’t look to bad to boot!  I’ve shown the ‘bestigors’, but here’s the new and very improved ‘Gor Herd’.

Now that we’re done with ‘modeling evolution’ 101 ( I kid) it’s time to move on to the good stuff.

The modeling!

With the ‘Gor Herd’, the plastic sprues and the ‘mix and match’ quality of limbs, armorment, heads and horns really let me get into the assembly of these amazing new models.

The models pictured and provided allow for certain limb positioning. Mostly the arms could just do circles. I took liberty with the exacto knife and cut many of the joints to fit at odd angles.  Some of these models look more feral, some issuing challenges, some hacking into the ranks. Overall, just a more wild look.

I’m not claiming to be a master-conversion-guy-thingy, but I feel that each and every step you take should make these great models into something more unique for you.

Here’s the assembled, (slightly) converted and primed Gors.

Again, note the older primer versus the Games Workshop (higher quality) primer.

Note the green stuff filling in the gaps where I customized a few details on the gors. The first Gouge-horn ( a Gor champion) looks almost like he’s fist pumping. Note that it is clearly my first time using the green stuff.  The two Gouge-horns are primed w/ different primers. The Armory Black Primer there is after a rinse and rub down to get the odd black flakes off. It looked much worse earlier.

I suppose next part (Lets go: Gors 2. Son of Gor) will be painting these models.


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