Centigor Conversion attempt. Chernobyl in 25mm.

So after reading into the “Beastman” GW army book, I was very excited with the possibilities of fast hitting vicious armies. The beastman army is for the most part, very affordable and mobile. (not counting the pricey Bestigors) Further reading, ok…a quick glance, showed that if you take an upgrade of a Centigor champion to make / utilize the character “Ghorros Warhoof” Centigors count as CORE choices!


Now on to “what are you talking about and why should we care?”

Centigors are as close to a ‘cavalry’ as the beastman army gets. Yes, they posses chariots, yes, there are beserk monsters. yes, minotaurs can near stampede to the front lines. But these amazing creatures are pretty much our cavalry.

drunken stampede!

drunken stampede!

Centigors are essentially a warped and wicked ‘centaur’, going in line with much of GW’s pun-like names. They can shrug off many attacks, deal tremendous damage and can fly into a bloodthirsty fury. Not bad for 25 points a pop before upgrades.

It dawned on me, taking ‘Ghorros’ in the army would allow me a lot more of these units and allow for a very different army than most. Downside? These units are TREMENDOUSLY expensive for what you get.

My solution: conversions.

By ordering cheap plastic parts that make up horses and combining them with various Beastmen units, I could create a Centigor of a different color. Hopefully for a lower price.

This is the beginning of this process. I have taken various horses; Chaos Knight horses (to combine with bestigors for an armored/ barded Bestigor) Empire horses and Glade rider horses.

Below is a picture that shows what sort of mischeif I’ll be getting into. I’ll post the step by step later!

My goal is for at least 20 Centigors, some plated in spikes and armor!



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3 responses to “Centigor Conversion attempt. Chernobyl in 25mm.

  1. Mike

    Wow! That should make for an amazing looking unit. Let us know the pricing as you go along (just to make sure it can be done on the cheap :)…)

    • Hey mike!

      Yeah, they ‘should be’ good if I’m able to pull it off. So far, all those parts cost me roughly 6-7 bucks. Far cheaper than the $57 buck price tag on the GW ones. Though amazing, that’s very steep.

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