Hooves, Horns, Steel and Fury. (aka: Rawr!!)

I believe that every would be ‘general’ of a Warhammer army comes across his first and greatest decision early on.

Choosing what army to lead.

I knew that my army had to be evil, devious, prone to monsters and something absolutely reckless.

Something that would either meet with wild success or die a glorious death by charging headlong into the waiting spears and guns.

Something stubborn.

The list shortened.

  • Chaos (I had yet to learn about the new ‘Chaos divide’ into 3 different books: beastmen, mortals, demons)
  • Chaos Dwarves
  • Dark Elves
  • Skavens

These were not my only options, but the only ones that I knew would hold my interest and that I would thoroughly enjoy.

Chaos Dwarves: I found out that they were OOP. Out of Print. Yikes. Even the cheapest of these guys on e-bay goes for a nice sum. Not the smartest or most economical route.

Dark Elves: Ruthless and vicious, these armies are just a perverted and macabre version of the typical elves. Not bad. However, they were too civilized for my immediate tastes. Castes, orders, hierarchies?  Great choice, but not for my first army.

Skaven: How can anyone not love hordes of ravenous rats, some with armor, others fighting with tooth and nail (literally)? While just plain cool, from their warped engineering to the mass of arms, I’m just not that into armies that could panic en mass and lacks significant amounts of amazing monsters.

CHAOS: So, after buying a few great units online, I come to find out that Chaos has been divided ( herein called the “Chaos Divide”) .  Just my luck! So here’s my thoughts on the 3 armies.

Chaos Mortals: These guys are black and white in my book. While some units are so high in the amazing-geek-scale that my nerdy Pavlovian response triggers and I start drooling, others are so bland looking and ridiculous that I cringe. Take the fantastic Chaos Knights and their lords. Encased in steel, armed to the teeth and brimming with spikes and horns. Something that would make Franzetta raise his palette in salute.

Franzetta in 25mm

Franzetta in 25mm

The core unit “marauders” look horrible. GW has come a long way in many of the models, but this one to me just looks like roided out go-go dancers with armor left over from the extras in ‘Xena Princess Warrior’. Ug. Nothing I’d like to sit and paint for a while.

we come for your loincloths.

Demons of Chaos: Never been a fan of these. They just seem too ‘I’m the ultimate evil!!!!1112!!!’ for my tastes. Some look fantastic, but just not my tastes.

Beastmen: Aye there’s the rub.

Primal, Ambushing, vitriolic in temper, clad in scraps of iron won by ill deeds. Wild beasts created by perversions of nature that holds a grudge.

Plus they have horns.

I’m sold.

Now, with dreams of horned conquest, hobby crafting, conversions. I plot the army.




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