Fresh meat!

Years ago, I somehow got a hold of an old Games Workshop calendar. I believe it was a 1991 copy, old nonetheless. Even more recently, my friends got back into D&D (3.5 edition and 4.0) and we all started ‘geeking out’ at unprecedented rates.

Give a few Hollywood mid-level grunts chances to dork out and go to hobby shops and gaming shops….and it’s an ugly scene.

On a trip to Games Workshop near me (which closed…and re-opened in a different location) I picked up a new 2008 catalog. Some cooler models, and I picked up a “Beasts of Chaos” book. This was when Chaos (daemons, mortal and beasts) were all one force.

Not exactly up to regulations…

I even picked up a few models….all are which now defunct (pestigors, khornegors).

Now with the new Beastmen book and armies, I’m very excited to start up an army.  Work stresses us all out, and everyone needs a good hobby.

And scrap booking should never count.

For shame!


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