First Batch.

I’m not going to go through this one step by step.

There were many things wrong with this batch.

The Ungor Models are great. With a mixture of the old ones (2008) and the new ones, they really look very chaotic and wild.

The primer was VERY poor quality and taught me a lesson. Don’t skimp on the first layer. The quality of the “Armory Black Primer” was horrible. It flaked, it rubbed off, it was porous and just downright odd.

Fodder in ranks

It really shows through in the texture of this first batch.

The colors are all from the “Games Workshop Starter kit” (except the green) which I have to say is a very good starter kit. It gets you going in the right direction….which is just the point.

To prove that point, I painted these with ONLY the brush in the kit. I won’t be doing that again, but it’s an interesting ‘first go’.

Nothing to really brag about, just some good lessons learned.


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