Nerd Rising

Ahoy ahoy.

Recently, after many ill omens and interpreted dreams, I looked back into the hobby/ craft/ game that is Warhammer.

I used to collected and paint warhammer and other 25mm figures when I was younger. I used lawn mowing money and subways and rides from friends moms to get to the gaming stores and amass a huge army. Ok ok, most of these were just figures that I thought looked ‘just cool’.  To a 4th grader, I’m sure that’s a wide spectrum.

I’m now earning a break from a grueling schedule and look forward to many moments to catch up on this fantastic hobby, craft and game.

This site is created to track my enthusiasm, creations, conversions, re-learning the painting, and just anything along the way. The good, the bad, and the Ugly.


blunt. dull....rusty...


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